About Us

Why spell Afrika with a K

Spelling Afrika with a K is acknowledgment of the movement of black consciousness among black intellectuals that reverts to the original spelling by extension a symbolic rejection of colonial usurpation of Afrikan agency. According to an Afrikan-American poet and writer Haki Madhubut in his "Plan to Planet" (1973) the reason you should spell Africa with a K are because the k is germane to Afrika. Europeans polluted Afrikan language by substituting C where there was a K or heard the K sound, for example Kongo instead of Congo. AfriCa came into use when Afrikans were forced to move all over the world. The K symbolize our coming back together.  



Afrikan Kings & Queens was created for fun modern Afrikan clothing. Our goal is to help bring all Afrikan Americans closer to our culture. Our collection is made to help men and women know that they are beautiful no matter how light or dark your skin is it just takes one drop of melanin to create a AFRIKAN King or Queen. You are children of royalty and should never represent yourself as nothing less than high class. Our clothing is fun, flirty, and classy made for all occasions. Each custom clothes are all made different to fit his and her liking.